How To Turn A Volkswagen Golf Into A Monster!

How To Turn A Volkswagen Golf Into A Monster!

I am something of a Volkswagen Golf fanatic. One of my first cars was a silver mk1 Golf, and I loved everything about it and its features and quirks! Car technology has come a long way since the 1970s, when the first Golf got unveiled to the world.

Like other modern cars, the latest Volkswagen Golf has a plethora of safety and technology features. But one thing that a lot of Golf fanatics love about their cars is the tuning and customisation potential available to them!


Do you own a Volkswagen Golf, or are you about to buy one soon? Do you want to turn it into a monster? If “yes” is the answer to both questions, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the cool things you can do to your VeeDub!

Slam it to the deck

The Volkswagen Golf looks awesome lowered! It doesn’t matter whether you have a mk2 or a mk7! The familiar shape and curves of the Golf make it an ideal candidate for having a lower centre of gravity.

Most Golf owners that got bitten with the modding bug opt for adjustable suspension. Those suspension setups are “coilovers.”

With coilovers, you have the freedom to choose how low (or high) your car sits from the ground. The mk2 Golf shown above is quite low. Some Golf owners find that driving that close to the deck is too harsh – especially when they have to go over road humps at 3mph!

Still, such a stance looks pretty mean, don’t you think?

Change the stock wheels for aftermarket ones

It’s no secret that some Golf owners don’t like the stock wheels that come with their pride and joy. There are plenty of alloy wheels made by Volkswagen that are a straight swap for the standard effort.

Some folks are more adventurous in their pursuit of the “perfect” alloy wheels for their Golf! I’ve seen some Golfs that have old Porsche alloy wheels bolted on, for example!

Fit a stainless steel exhaust system

On most Volkswagen Golf models, the standard exhaust pipe is rather hidden away from view. There are a few special editions, such as the “R” pictured above, that have some nice exhaust tailpipes.

But the standard exhaust isn’t going to look the best, nor will it sound mean either. In your quest to turn your Golf into a monster, you need to upgrade.

There are plenty of stainless steel exhausts on the market that are a straight fit for the Golf. Mark from says the twin DTM look is best for the mk4.

The twin tailpipe design is a classic and looks great on any car, not just the Golf. I’d steer clear of 5-inch tailpipes. Only because they only look good on a Japanese car like the Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Evo, in my opinion.

Still, tailpipe style is a personal choice. As long as you’re happy with it, that’s the main thing! I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article.