5 Reasons Invisalign is better than braces

5 Reasons Invisalign is better than braces

When it comes to crooked and misaligned teeth, traditional metal braces come to mind. Kids and teens wear them because they’re the least expensive treatment option for parents, they’re colorful, customizable and it has become a rite of passage for some kids who crossover to tweenerhood. Unlike in the 80’s when big, bulky braces were a source of endless jokes and jeers, kids and teens now have accepted the fact that they have to wear them to fix their teeth, and with all the different colors they can choose from, has become kind of a fashion statement.

5 Reasons Invisalign is better than braces

But what if you’re an adult and you needed some form of treatment for malocclusion? Can you afford to look like your mouth and teeth got stuck in high school? I’m afraid not! When it comes to straightening ourown teeth, we adults tend to shy away from traditional braces and opt for ceramic/porcelain braces, lingual braces or Invisalign clear aligners. But what makes Invisalign treatment better than the other alternatives?

  1. You can Eat Anything

You can eat anything you want. Pizza, bagels, popcorn, carrots and even corn on the cob won’t be a problem for you because Invisalign aligners are removable. Simply take them off when you’re eating and pop them back on when you’re done.


  1. Won’t irritate your Mouth

Invisalign aligners are made of clear, smooth and comfortable plastic that won’t irritate and poke your cheeks and gums. Move along, no pain and discomfort here.


  1. Better periodontal hygiene

Because you can take them off, you’ll be able to brush and floss your teeth normally and effectively. Braces are notorious for being hard to clean, and can cause tooth decay and plaque buildup in many cases due to patients not being able to clean the teeth well.


  1. They’re Virtually Invisible

Made of BPA-free clear plastic, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible when worn. You’re getting your teeth straightened discreetly. It’s your little secret!


  1. Fosters Discipline

You’re still the boss when wearing Invisalign because you have the freedom to take them off anytime you want to. But there are a prescribed number of hours you have to wear these aligners each day, so this can be a discipline challenge for some people. Do you have the willpower to succeed? With Invisalign being a little bit more expensive, you better have!


  1. Ideal for busy people

You’ll be seeing your dentist less while on Invisalign treatment, usually after 4-6 weeks.

Clear Win for Invisalign?

With all the comfort and esthetic advantages Invisalign has over traditional braces, there are limitations to its use. For mild to moderate crowding and alignment cases, Invisalign works well. But for the more complicated problems such as issues with your back teeth or if you need to rotate your teeth/move them vertically, then Invisalign may not be the option for you. Dentists have more control over traditional braces because they can adjust and tighten them when they need to, as compared to Invisalign where the adjustments are made in advance and are pre-molded due to the fact that you have to change them yourself every two weeks.

And the winner is…

I know the title of the article says that Invisalign is better than braces and really, if you’re a self conscious adult and you want to discreetly treat your mild to moderate snaggletooth, then Invisalign is the way to go. I know I would take this method if I had crooked teeth, butI’m one of the lucky ones and I don’t. If you’ve got severe tooth issues though, your dentist will ultimately decide for you what will work best to straighten things out in your mouth.

So, if you have severe malocclusion and you really want to hide your treatment, the lingual braces (behind your teeth) and the ceramic/porcelain ones are better alternatives to the colorful metal ones. But if you don’t really care what you look like and actually embrace the fact that at least a part of you will be going back to the Twilight and Bieber crowd, then the colorful, metal braces are just what the dentist ordered.