Top 3 Used Jaguars

Top 3 Used Jaguars

Last year, Jaguar unveiled its stunning new XF saloon. No one was surprised when it made the impact it did. This is the last in a generation for one of the most influential saloon producers in the world. As the firm moves to claim an even bigger slice of the auto market, I’ve taken some time to look back on some of Jaguar’s best older models. We’d all love one of their cutting-edge machines. However, when you’re restricted to the used market, there are still a lot of incredible cars.

Jaguar X-Type

X-Type Estate

You might be a little surprised to see that I started with this one. Jaguar are known for their luxurious saloons and sleek supercars. However, they still did a fantastic job of creating a practical and affordable car. This estate car is fairly compact, similar to the Audi A4 Avant. Although it’s not exactly imposing, it does have a genuine Jaguar badge on the nose! When this model was released in 2004, the X-Type had already been in production for three years. The Estate was aimed at a much broader audience; people with families who wanted functionality and class. There were several variants of this. You should know what you’re looking for before going to a used outlet like If possible, I recommend going for any of the models released post-2008. The X-Type Estate was given a thorough updating in 08, both in its functional features and the comfort of the interior. Aside from younger cars being generally more reliable, you’ll find the later versions much easier to drive and relax in. You may have turned away at the mention of the word “estate”. If you ask me, and a lot of other people for that matter, the X-Type estate looks a lot better compared to the saloon it was based off. You can also find these models for a total steal from a lot of sources. Find one with under 40,000 miles and an automatic gearbox, and it should be comfortably within your budget.

S-Type R

I’ll get the main drawback out of the way first. Finding a used S-Type R that’s still in a decent condition is about as easy as locating the Holy Grail! When this was first released, the sales figures weren’t anything earth-shattering. This is because at the time, you’d have to go through a small fortune in order to buy one! The good news is that if you were to find one of these, it’ll probably be in excellent condition. The very limited amount of models out there have usually been owned by collectors. These are the types who will caress the wheel with soft kid gloves, and only ever take the car out on Sunday mornings. The alloy wheels and bodywork, which comes with a great styling kit, should be pretty unscathed. The shape of the S-Type R screams Jaguar, with its distinctive, rounded grill and the sleek curves in its bonnet. Although the engine will be worn-in, you’re sure to get a magnificent performance out of it. It’s a 4.2 litre supercharged V8, so don’t get too carried away if you’re not used to driving these kinds of cars! An engine like this will be more than capable of getting you from zero to sixty in 5.5 seconds. As exciting as this sounds, I urge you not to purchase an S-Type R on impulse. Pre-owned high performance models are risky business. Before you do anything, make sure you have access to a comprehensive service history, and some kind of evidence that the car has been pampered. Make sure the tyres are well-suited to it too. You don’t need to order anything specialist, just apply common sense. Make sure the set you have is from a reputable brand, and that they have a lot of tread. Finally, you should make sure the brakes are in good working condition. You’ll be pushing them to the limit pretty soon!

XF 2.7D

Do you know someone who keeps implying that Jaguars are overrated? Well, getting an XF 2.7D might be the best way to show them what’s what! If you ask me, this car is the best vehicle in the world for cruising on motorways. If you need to travel long distances regularly, and you’d like to do it with a lot of speed and comfort, then this is definitely the jag for you. Just look at this detailed review: . The XF 2.7D has a diesel-powered twin-turbo engine. This is powerful enough to get you up to incredible speeds, but at the same time is remarkably silent, and won’t peeve you too much on those long drives. Even when you’re moving from idle, the smooth delivery of the engine’s power is really something. The suspension is soft and very subtle, and even after years of driving you’ll get good use out of it. With premium saloons, it’s rare to find this kind of comfort which stands the test of time. One other convenient feature is a six-speed automatic gearbox. The assured shifts give you one less thing to worry about, which makes the XF 2.7D a brilliant vehicle for driving back from those long days at the office. Another distinguishing feature is that it’s the most modern Jaguar you could put in the “used” category, being released in 2008. When you look at the interior, the fact that you own a Jag really hits home. The leather seats are very inviting, and the varnished panelling adds a gorgeous touch of class. The circular gear selector rises from a central console. Also, a touch-screen computer brings you nicely in-step with modern conventions. All this, combined with the ease of driving it, sets the XF2.7D a cut above several Audis and BMWs.

Whatever your tastes, I’m sure you’ll love having one of these three models. The functionality and luxury which made Jaguar such a big name could be closer than you think! Remember to take your time with your purchase though. Used models can be far more deceptive than fresh-from-the-showroom!