The Four Most Technologically Advanced Cars of 2014

The Four Most Technologically Advanced Cars of 2014

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other in the technology department. New technologies are pushing our cars into new and uncharted territory. These developments are happening at a phenomenal pace. We are now in an age where self driving cars exist. Our dashboards talk to us and respond to our voices. Some of the cars on this list even power themselves simply using the sun. The future is actually here.

Audi TT 2014
Audi TT 2014

Over the last ten years we’ve heard talk of electric and hybrid cars as the future of motoring. We’ve heard about cars that will drive themselves. Even green cars and hybrids were laughed at when they were first introduced. 2014 has been the year that proved everyone wrong. 2014 saw cars hit the market with unprecedented new technology. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Mercedes S Class

The new Mercedes S Class is the closest thing to a self-driving car we are likely to see this year. In fact, it’s the closest thing to a fully functioning AI robot the world has seen. The Merc analyses the world around it using sophisticated cameras. It makes use of corrective steering if you take your eye off the road and it hits the brakes if you are about to hit another car or pedestrian. This car would actually drive itself completely were it not for the strict laws in place. Most states and countries don’t permit this kind of fully self driving mode yet.

Audi TT

2014s Audi TT was a true revolution in dashboard technology. It is a glimpse into the future of infotainment systems. The display is entirely digital and customisable. It uses touch screen technology where you can move and shrink dials to your tastes. You can call up maps right in front of your nose. It responds to voice and touch. The Audi TT dashboard is the single most impressive infotainment system in production today. There are already deals here on cars with this technology. Expect to all sorts of copycats unveiled in 2015.

Ford C Max Solar Energi

This one is still just a concept but looks set for commercial release in 2015. Ford takes its flagship plug in hybrid and makes it even more efficient. The C Max has sophisticated solar panels in place on the roof. These alone wouldn’t generate a lot of energy, so Ford also installed a magnification system. Much like ones you place on your home, Roof Worx LLC explains that this intensifies the sun’s rays onto the solar panels. The car will even move itself to find the strongest rays. Once full, the car will travel 21 miles on solar power alone. This is a great start for the only truly clean vehicle energy we have seen.

Toyota FVC Concept

Toyota are at the heart of green car technology. The FVC is another concept car that looks set to hit the market next year. This is perhaps the most impressive hydrogen fuel cell car in production. Hydrogen fuel cells are cleaner and more efficient than plug in hybrids and electric cars. You simply pour hydrogen into the tank to power the car. The only output in this system is water.

Technology is developing faster and faster. Just imagine what our cars will look like in ten year’s time.