Nissan NT400 Cabstar Arrives In Europe

Nissan NT400 Cabstar Arrives In Europe

Nissan’s NT400 Cabstar light/medium duty truck has gone on sale across Europe.

Built in Spain, the NT400 Cabstar chassis cab benefits from a number of enhancements designed to make it even more attractive to operators and drivers alike.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar
Nissan NT400 Cabstar

Among the changes are new looks, an improved payload, new high output engine, longer service intervals for lower operating costs and new equipment providing extra comfort and greater safety.

All engine options are fully compliant with Euro 5b+ emission regulations while the new 145hp (107kW) high output engine option is 45kg lighter than the unit it replaces, benefiting both economy and improving the vehicle payload.

Versatility is the key to the new range. It is available ex-factory with a choice of tipper, box and dropside bodies or as a chassis cab ready for conversions by specialists capable of installing an even wider variety of bodies on the vehicle.

To make the job of the specialist body builders as easy as possible, Nissan has equipped the NT400 Cabstar with a comprehensive array of connectors, electrical pre-equipment and warning lamps to enable a virtual ‘plug and go’ operation.

Connectors are fixed to the frame to facilitate the attachments of a new body to the chassis while new wiring harnesses are in place, linking the frame with the vehicle electrical system. The instrument panel has additional warning lamps within the dials and there are supplementary switches strategically placed ahead of the driver.

The range remains as wide as ever. Available in single and double cab forms, there are three different wheelbase lengths available, five GVWs from 2.8t to 4.5t and three power output options from the common rail 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine.

“The changes to NT400 Cabstar turn an already highly regarded truck into an even more compelling offer. NT400 Cabstar is ready to contribute to Nissan’s growing LCV presence in Europe and keep the company on track to be LCV world leader by 2016,” talking with Vienna Times, said Sebastien Viet, Chief Marketing Manager Nissan LCV BU.

NT400 Cabstar in detail

A development of the popular Cabstar chassis cab, NT400 Cabstar differs not just in name but also thanks a series of changes and enhancements. Together they lower operating costs, improve practicality and enhance driver comfort.

Exterior changes

Visual changes include a new front grille incorporating the latest Nissan LCV identity and revised clear glass headlamp clusters while turn indicator repeaters are now integrated into the door mirrors. A new dark metallic grey is added to the colour palette replacing a light metallic blue: solid white, solid red and metallic silver remain the other colour options.

Interior changes

Inside there are new fabrics while a heated driver’s seat is available as part of a winter pack that also includes heated and electrically adjusted side mirrors and a rear heater in double cab versions.

New audio equipment includes USB, iPod and AUX-in connection while Bluetooth connectivity has been integrated for hands-free mobile phone use. The 2-Din audio provides FM/AM/LW wavebands and includes a single CD slot with MP3 compatibility.

Easier to read instruments include a larger tachometer and speedometer that sandwich a new multifunctional display. Among its features are read-outs for instant and average fuel consumption, oil level check, maintenance advice including an oil change monitor which can help to extend service intervals, digital clock and a gear-shift advisory message. The display can be set in any of ten different languages.

Reflecting changing habits as well as new workplace legislation, the centre console ashtray has been removed leaving behind an extra storage slot.

There has been a significant 30kg weight reduction in 3.5t and 4.5t single cab versions, effected by the removal of the spare wheel, jack and associated tools and which directly improves the payload by a similar amount. In place of the spare, a tyre repair kit – complete with compressor and sealant – has been installed behind the driver’s seat in the cabin, though a full sized spare is still available as an option.

Drivetrain changes

The most significant changes, however, concern the engines on offer. The YD25 four-cylinder 2,488cc common rail turbo diesel unit has a diesel particulate filter (complete with driver operated regeneration function), diesel oxidation catalyst, exhaust gas recirculation and on-board diagnostics to ensure it is fully Euro 5b+ compliant.

It is available in three different power outputs – low (121hp/90kW, 250Nm), mid (136hp/100kw, 270Nm) and high (145hp/107kW, 350Nm).

The high output version, which replaces the older 3.0-litre ZD30 unit, is new to NT400 Cabstar. With an identical torque figure to the bigger engine and just 5hp less despite its smaller capacity, the new unit offers the same performance but enjoys significant benefits in fuel economy, emissions and operational efficiency.

As much as 45kgs lighter, the new engine delivers up to 22 per cent better fuel consumption, while service intervals have been extended to 40,000 kms from 30,000kms. As well as lowering running costs, the extended service intervals mean less operating down time.

The low output engine is coupled to a five speed manual transmission and is available in NT400 Cabstar with 2.8t, 3.2t, 3.4t and 3.5t GVWs. The mid and high output versions have six speed manual transmissions and power NT400 Cabstar models with 3.5t and 4.5t GVWs.

The range

For the ultimate in practicality and versatility, the NT400 Cabstar is available in a wide choice of dimensions, GVWs and power outputs as well as in single and double cab versions.

Standard overall lengths range from 4,546mm to 6,346mm while the three wheelbases lengths are 2,500mm, 2,900mm and 3,400mm. There are six different GVWs ranging from 2.8t to 4.5t while payloads vary from 1125 kgs to 2768 kgs. The 3.5t version has a best-in-class payload of 1840 kgs.

“The changes to NT400 Cabstar build on what was already a class leading vehicle. With lower emissions, improved fuel economy and reduced running costs, NT400 Cabstar underlines Nissan’s commitment to business and LCV operators,” said Sebastien Viet,.

NT400 Cabstar uses Nissan’s new naming policy for its LCVs. Standing for Nissan Truck, the NT badge will be used on all purpose-built trucks while NV and NP are used for vans and pick-ups respectively.