Fun Transportation Gadgets That Can Cut Travel Costs

Fun Transportation Gadgets That Can Cut Travel Costs

Using a car can be expensive from year to year. Using a bicycle might make you tired and sweaty by the time you get to your destination. Public transport can be unreliable. Luckily, technology has brought about new ways to travel. These methods of travel aren’t only fast, but can also save money and be incredibly fun!

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Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are a fun alternative to traditional bicycles. While they still require pedalling, an in-built electric motor helps them go faster with minimal effort from the user.

Many e-bikes can reach speeds of 15 mph, meaning commutes can be fast and easy. Many commuters prefer e-bikes to cars. A research project found that commuters who tested e-bike also found it increased their physical activity.

E-bikes run off a rechargeable battery, so as long as you keep it charged you can get swift travel regularly. Many include a rack at the bag for attaching a bag for carrying luggage, making it even more efficient.

E-bikes also give off zero emissions. Some e-bikes can cost as little as a regular bicycle, but you may want to pay more for a higher range model. Either way, they offer a fun, efficient alternative that is much cheaper to run than a car!

Electric Scooters

Not to be confused with mopeds, electric scooters are the scooter equivalent of electric bikes. In the same way, they run off a rechargeable battery that powers a motor. They provide a fun commuting experience with no daily fuel costs.

Brakes and speed are usually controlled via controls on the handlebars. While you can use your foot to gain extra speed, this usually isn’t necessary as the motor power can do the work. Many electric scooters have seats, so you can rest while you travel.

Much like e-bikes, these can reach speeds of 15 mph. There are many different types and some are surprisingly cheap! You can check out reviews and costs at The Electric Rider. The low cost, efficiency and all around fun makes electric scooters another great way to travel!

Segways and Hoverboards

Invented by Dean Kamen in 2001, the Segway is definitely one of the more unique ways to travel. Segways can reach speeds of up to 12.5 mph and can travel up to 24 miles on a single battery charge.

Segboards or Hoverboards came about as an offshoot to Segways. Like Segways without the handles, Hoverboards rely purely on the balance of the user.

There have been quite a few cases worldwide of using a Segway on the job. In America, a Pizza deliveryman used a Segway, finding that it was much cheaper than using his car. Police in Newquay used them for patrols.

Segways are usually quite expensive, but Hoverboards can be had for quite cheap. Segways and Hoverboards may not become the next big way to travel to work. They’re currently banned on roads and pavements in the UK. However, they can be used for many fun and novel purposes. Some locations offer Segway tours so tourists can view the sights in fashion.