Dream Vehicles You Would Love To Test Drive

Dream Vehicles You Would Love To Test Drive

For some reason, there is an affinity that humans have with cars that you can’t quite explain. Of course, not everyone is a petrol head. Yet, if you gave these same people the opportunity to drive a fancy vehicle with lots of power, they would snap your hand off. It’s great fun and it’s full of adrenaline, so it isn’t too hard to explain; the faster you go the bigger the buzz. For everyone with a licence, here are vehicles that you can only dream of test driving.

Ferrari F300

1. Formula One Car

There is no road vehicle more powerful than a Formula One car. They can easily reach speeds of up to two hundred and fifty miles an hour, plus the G force is like taking a ride in a fighter jet. More than that, they are exotic. You watch Formula One on the television or live and you see the red of the Ferrari flashing by and it lures you in like a fish on a hook. Plus, when if you ever get the chance to take a test drive, you can imagine you are Lewis Hamilton and you get paid what he does!

  1. Pontoon Boat

Any boat would be great to test drive, but a pontoon boat is up there for its agility and flexibility. Not to mention they can go at a good old rate when you put the throttle down! Pontoon boats come in many shapes and sizes, so you can go fishing with your friends, relax and sunbath or put the hammer down and catch some waves.

  1. The World’s Longest Limo

Usually, you would say that you want to ride in a limousine, not drive one. Well, this limo is different because it is massive! You won’t be able to drift and reach the high speeds that you could in the other two vehicles, but you will get a lot of attention. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, try taking it around a sharp bend. Hope you have insurance!

  1. The Detachable Caravan

Talking of attention, take a look at the detachable caravan. No, you haven’t got it wrong and this isn’t a vehicle you were driving in your dreams. It is a vehicle you can only dream of driving! It looks like a space age campervan to begin with, but the front of it detaches into a two-seater car and the fun really begins. You can either leave it as it is and go camping with the family or leave the bed quarters where they are and take a trip. It’s up to you.

  1. Lego Ferrari

Yes, a Ferrari would be amazing to drive. But a Ferrari made of Lego would be even better, and don’t begin to argue! Not only would you be in a life-sized model of your dream car, it is put together in exactly the same way you did it as a kid. You are basically mixing your life of driving with your internal desire never to grow up! They are not the most technologically advanced models on the market, but they are the most fun.

Did you think they would be conventional cars? Think again!