7 Reasons The Volkswagen Golf Is The King Of Cars

7 Reasons The Volkswagen Golf Is The King Of Cars

We all know the Volkswagen Golf. It’s a staple of new drivers and experienced drivers alike. It’s the car anybody can get behind the wheel of. What makes it so alluring though? Why is the Volkswagen Golf the car that absolutely anybody can drive? Here are a few good reasons why.

VW Golf IV


It’s not the cheapest car out there, but it’s one of the best for price versus performance. This means it’s an attractive and affordable car for most budgetary ranges. That could be why so many of them are on our streets.


As a nice link to the last point, let’s talk about how openly available this car is. You can get it anywhere. Dealerships, used car lots, and individual sellers. It’s a popular car. That’s why Imperial Car Supermarket has it as one of their featured cars right this minute. Popularity doesn’t make a good car, but it’s an indicator the car is worth buying.


It’s small but perfectly formed. It’s a great city car and capable of parking almost anywhere. It has a sleek, timeless design that wouldn’t look out of place today, or thirty years ago. There’s a taste of oxymoronic retro-futurism about it. It’s not the prettiest car out there, but it’s certainly one you wouldn’t throw out of bed.


Comfort in cars is hard to determine. You have to figure out how much is the car’s fault, and how much it comes down to just having an odd body shape. If you’re quite tall, driving can be a pain. You have to push the seat back to accommodate your legs. Sometimes the ceilings might just be too low. The Golf feels good though. The seats are comfortable, and so long as your head isn’t touching the ceiling, you should have a pleasant drive.


The Volkswagen Golf will fit most people. It’s narrow enough to get through the streets, but on the inside it’s got enough space to carry a full five people without much trouble. There might be a bit of elbow banging in the back if it’s full, but full back seats always have a bit of that.

Space in the boot is also fairly wide. You can’t fit everything in there, but you can at least pack a few suitcases in and a little more. If you don’t go on many holidays, a toolbox and spare tyre will fit with ease.


Coming with the territory of being a popular car, you can get parts for it fairly easily. Whether you’re looking to fix something yourself or get it done by a garage, the cost of parts shouldn’t blow you away.


A lot of used cars that are bought by first-time drivers are Volkswagen Golfs. They tend to stand the test of time. They’re so reliable you might not even have to test drive it. Not all cars last forever mind you, but the Volkswagen Golf is a very well built car. It should at least last five years, even as a used car. That’s a fairly incredible lifespan over potentially multiple owners.