2016 Miata MX 5 Mazda – Future Of Sport

2016 Miata MX 5 Mazda – Future Of Sport

The time has finally come. After driving a European 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with a smaller engine than will be offered stateside, testing a U.S.-spec Club model, and countless other tantalizing encounters with the little sports car, it is actually here. Obviously, we are talking about the Miata’s online configurator that allows prospective customers to build and price the affordable roadster to their liking.


The fourth-generation Miata can be had in three basic flavors: Sport, Club, and Grand Touring. As far as base models go, coming standard with LED headlights, a six-speed manual, air conditioning, power windows and locks, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and a cloth roof. The thing is, you do not really need any of that, and given how several C/D staffers own or have owned Miatas, you could call us purists.

It should come as no surprise that we gravitate toward the base Sport trouble is, you cannot get the limited-slip differential that is necessary to putting the power down in tight corners until you step up to the Club. We can press a button on a fob any day, so no proximity key for us, and the spoiler looks cleaner when it is body colored. As for the paint choice, we went with the ultra cool looking, no-cost Ceramic Metallic, which contrasts nicely with the Club’s dark-colored trim.

What this all adds up to is a Miata that would be equally at home as a commuter or as an occasional track-day car that limited-slip!. And one that looks rather aggressive in either role. Obviously, this is just how we would option out our Miata, even within the relatively limited confines of the Miata’s trim-level structure, there is plenty of room for variation. And since the answer is always Miata, you cannot go wrong with any configuration.