Here’s Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Enough Hits

Here’s Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Enough Hits

Loads of people browse these kinds of websites day in day out to try and find their new products and services. Hasn’t your business had a call from a potential customer yet? That’s maybe because your website isn’t getting enough hits and no one is looking at it. So how do you persuade people to click on your ad? Here are some of the reasons it might be failing.


It’s At The Bottom Of The Pile

Google searches often list the results according various factors. So you will have to work hard to ensure your website meets these factors and is highly ranked. Make sure you have fresh content on there, as older blog posts will appear at the bottom of the page. Really old content and reproduced posts might not even make it onto the first page. So to make sure your site is continually on top, keep on refreshing it. All you need to do is to keep on posting. But be careful not to duplicate any content! Google sees this as a red flag and will not like to list your site highly as a result!

The Photos Don’t Do Your Company Justice

You need a nice photo that shows off exactly what your business is about. This is probably the first thing that potential buyers will see on the website. If they aren’t impressed by the look of yours, they might keep browsing through websites. How do you make your photo stand out? Make sure it is well lit. If the picture is too dark, your office or shop might not stand out too well. Your products and services need to be very visible. Don’t worry if you have a poor camera. There are many photoshop effects that you can use to retouch a bad picture.

Your Prices Are Nowhere To Be Seen

We all want to get a good price for everything we purchase. And your customers will want to know how much you charge before they part with their money. So it is a great idea to have all your current prices listed on your site. No prices anywhere online? That is going to be an instant turnoff for potential buyers. No matter what kind of product or service you offer, it is always worth giving your customers an idea of how much you charge.

Your Site Isn’t Connected To Social Media

You’ve got a social media account on one of the many platforms, right? And all your mates do too? As you can see, almost everyone logs in to social media at one point during their day. If someone is browsing your company’s Facebook or Twitter profile, chances are they’ll be curious to see more of you. And will want to get to your website. If they can’t see a link to it, they might get bored and look somewhere else.

So if you need to increase traffic onto your website, these tips will hopefully show you how to get more hits!