BETER Sports — 24/7 live streaming of fast sports content

BETER Sports — 24/7 live streaming of fast sports content

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 changed the habits of YouTube video viewers. According to a report by Tubular Labs, some of the changes also applied to sports content.

YouTube video views increased by 63% for health and fitness, 29% for art and culture videos, and 20% for sports content (March 1-17, 2020). Increased interest in sports-related content came when live sports broadcasts were closing around the world.

An interesting fact is that despite the growing demand for sports content, the abolition of a large number of competitions has led to a reduction in video downloads. Because of this, viewers also remain interested in watching videos about past games and sports events.

32% of the sports video viewers watched in March consisted of compilations of events from 2015 to 2018 lasting approximately 4 minutes.

Who does lead in sports content providing and solutions?

Growth in demand for sports content is unlikely to subside, which of course could lead to an increase in demand for sports content providers or services. But the market does not need several similar services. Services must differ from each other in an understandable way to the consumer. Exclusive sports content is one of the natural and proper ways to be different from the competition. Thus, exclusivity is not an end in itself, but is one of the solutions to the problem of being distinct from the competition. The other most important things are listed below:

  • 24/7/365 live streaming;
  • wide range of disciplines;
  • fast sports events;
  • additional features;
  • 24h technical and operational support.

BETER Sports provides live streams, live data, and odds for more than 12,000 table tennis and tennis events every month. BETER powers the most sought-after fast sports tournaments — Setka Cup and Up Challenger. All of the brand’s matches are available 24/7/365 and have an efficient and geo-based schedule. These fast and popular table tennis and tennis tournaments allow sportsbooks to fill airtime with engaging content and ensure steady, predictable profits and maximum performance.