OvRcharge, A Charger That Levitates Your Phone While It Rotates

OvRcharge, A Charger That Levitates Your Phone While It Rotates

When you are looking for a wireless charger for your device, the first thing you probably think of is whether or not it will levitate your smartphone, magnetic levitation or magnetic suspension has been used for creating unconventional gadgets including  levitating Bluetooth speakers, that seem to have created a market niche of their own. Now, the folks over at creative tech company AR Designs will actually make your dream come true. It’s called the OvRcharge, and it is labeled as a ‘levitating wireless charger’ that created by Canadian-based startup AR Designs.

The system involves two main components — the wood charging base along with an electricity receiver and a special phone case that features an induction receiver and a magnet. This phone case is very small thin and not terribly noticeable when the phone is charging; when battery reaches capacity, the charging will stop but the phone will continue to levitate and spin slowly.


The latter is actually very small thin, thus adding to the magic of the levitation process. The device can work with devices of up to 600g if you want them to levitate. This means, that even tablets can get in on the floating action.

At $177, which is a Kickstarter early-bird price and might be less than it’ll retail for — the OvRcharge is far too expensive for what the amounts to a party trick that will charge your phone far slower than every standard charger would. But if you do not mind the hassle of a slower charge and a special case, you can back OvRcharge on Kickstarter.