Moto Pulse – Listen Anything Without Holding Your Phones

Moto Pulse – Listen Anything Without Holding Your Phones

Moto Pulse, which has been revealed by Motorola Corp, with wireless feature. Listeners with a hang for high accuracy audio will not dig the muffled soundstage, but Moto put that forward nearly an irresistible deal for everyone. The company (Motorola) behind some of the most well-acquainted phones, is merely dipping its toes in the headphone market with the Moto Pulse.


Functioning & Style

The Moto Pulse is very impressive advertised battery life of 18 hours held true during testing, and phone call quality is fine, as is the microphone’s ability to pick up the voice. The functionality of Moto Pulse is totally amazing along with its characteristics. It offers universal support which means that they can work with Android and iOS as well and any tablets packed with Bluetooth capabilities. Their range reaches an impressive 60 feet, which is a larger distance than standing from your phone. The Pulse is a generally full sound, but picked apart with the mids and highs are entangled in each other. The end result is a sound profile lacking sheen and richness.

The skull of Moto Pulse is spanning headband is flexible and coated all around with a breathable, mesh fabric. The band is very wide-set, because the most head sizes should fit comfortably inside. The ear cups are attached to sliding mechanism that gives them some wiggle and sizing flexibility. The padding on the ear cups is completely sufficient for hours long listening sessions and the leatherette coating helps your ears to stay cool.

The micro USB port and built-in microphone are place on its bottom side, while four buttons wrap around its side. From the bottom to top, the first button operates play & pause and second and third buttons are a volume rocker, which can change songs with a press held for over one second. The last button is a power button that can also be pushed down to pair to new devices.

Final Decision

The Moto Pulse are on a mission to include the most value possible into a set of on-ear headphones.