Kai gesture controller lets you more conveniently control your applications and games

Kai gesture controller lets you more conveniently control your applications and games

The ‘Kai’ gesture controller offers avid gamers and designers with the capability to futher hook up with content in a way that is intuitive and immersive. Held inside the hand or connected to the palm, the controller works with the aid of interpreting your hand moves and changing them into on-screen interactions while gaming, video modifying, designing in 3d and lots more. This seamlessly integrates gesture controls with A1 tech into your computing enjoy while not having to improve you current gadget to maintain price appropriate for users of a wide variety.

The ‘Kai’ gesture controller acknowledges the growing choice for immersive gaming and design solutions as clients searching for to get similarly concerned with their digital experience. The controller additionally works with the Android VR headset to make it ideal for navigating digital POV environments.

Kai Gesture Controller Design

The Kai is an advanced and flexible gesture controller that measures 23mm wide, and the center element measures 77mm long by way of 13mm thick. With the extremely compact and lightweight layout, the controller suits right into your pocket or any backpack without taking up too much area for portability. meanwhile, the flexible band layout permits it to snugly fit into your palm, so you can usually put on it during work even while you want to type, use your mouse or touchscreen.


Kai Gesture Controller Features

Kai gesture controller features a patent-pending technology to track your fingers accurately for precise controls, and using its custom application, you can also customize your controls and pair it with various apps and games such as controlling your music playback, adjusting the screen brightness, playing games, and more. You even can its macro feature to record keyboard and mouse actions and replicate them with your gestures.

Furthermore, the controller supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and it also works with VR headsets or drones for intuitive virtual reality and flight experience.

Kai Gesture Controller Price

The team behind Kai is raising fund for the product via Indiegogo. We cam pledge $129 to preorder the gesture controller. It will be shipped in October 2018.