HP Tango Smart Home Printer lets you print from wherever you are

HP Tango Smart Home Printer lets you print from wherever you are

HP is taking smart home printing to the another level with the HP Tango printer — a totally app-primarily based, voice-activated wired-free tool which lets in you to begin printing, scanning, and copying from anywhere.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer Design

Some printers can tend to be an eyesore, and HP kept that during thoughts too whilst designing the Tango. With its glossy, compact profile, it could even combination into its environment while the top is closed. Covers for the printer, corresponding to a book cowl, will quickly be to be had permitting you to exchange up its appearance from Indigo Linen to Charcoal Linen, with Cork Currant coming later this year.

However, none of the above capabilities make this printer any smarter than the one you would possibly already own, so what is it hiding? HP says the Tango profits extra smarts for the house way to its capacity to allow users to print from anywhere, whether or not that is at the same wired-free community as the device or half-way around the world. The Tango works at the side of the HP smart app to allow printing almost anywhere.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer Features

HP has also squeezed a few different smart functions into the app consisting of instantaneous notifications for when you run out of ink, smooth scanning of files with your cellphone’s camera, and a setup wizard for purchasing your Tango related and ready. Customers can also opt to have the printer automatically order extra ink when it’s far low way to the business enterprise’s immediately Ink provider.

HP Tango Smart Home Printer Price

Starting from $150 for the base unit, and $50 extra for the Tango X model with fabric, the mini-stealth printer might play as more of a centerpiece than something to hide away. Buyers looking to get their hands on the new HP printer can begin ordering now; however, the version that includes the linen cover, the Tango X, will be available next month. Owners can pick from either Indio linen or charcoal linen to start, with corck currant coming later this year. Those purchasing the regular Tango have the ability to add on a linen cover after their purchase for an additional cost.