Amazon’s Kindle Oasis: Innovative New Design E-Reader

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis: Innovative New Design E-Reader

Amazon wants to offer the best possible reading experience in the Amazon’s Kindle Oasis, and it’s designed for those who don’t mind how much they spend on it. Amazon is shining a spotlight on the Kindle design itself. It’s bringing its flagship e-reader back into the consumer technology conversation with a bold device, and it carries with it some new compromises.

There are 3 key elements in the Kindle Oasis: the screen, the battery and the processing unit. These are all contained in a metal case which is covered with a plastic body.

For one thing, one side of the new Kindle e-reader is drastically thinner than the other. At its thinnest point it’s 3.6mm, and while the other end is slightly thicker it’s still thinner than all the other Kindles.

Amazon kindle oasis

The battery pack is slim, and it’s easy to connect to the back of the device. The problem is, you lose the beautiful design and slim profile that are the Kindle Oasis’s big selling points, and the part of the case that covers the screen sometimes flops around.

Downloading books from the Kindle store proved quick over both 3G and Wi-Fi, so you won’t be slowed down there either. The Kindle Oasis comes in Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi + 3G variants. The 3G version costs more, but the internet will be free for the Kindle’s life in 100 countries around the world.

The new Amazon e-reader is $289.99. It is available for pre-order around the world and The purchase of the e-reader comes with the choice of one of 3 colors — brown, black, and red — for its external battery that will start shipping in the coming month. Order now at