V6 Fluffy By Dyson – Vacuum The Dirt From Any Angle

V6 Fluffy By Dyson – Vacuum The Dirt From Any Angle

The Fluffy, a name we will not grow tired of in a hurry specialties a brand new soft roller cleaning head made of soft nylon and carbon fiber filaments. Dyson claims it’s better at capturing larger debris, such as cereal, than traditional hard bristles. The V6 Fluffy is one of the new for 2015 models from Dyson’s cordless range. It promises to offer everything needed to replace any corded vacuum cleaner and this one comes with a fluffy spinning floor head designed for picking up fine dust and large debris from hard floors.



At the top of the range is the V6 Absolute. It’s Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner thanks to a new Direct Drive Cleaner head, which Dyson claims produces 150% more power at the cleaner head thanks to a more powerful brush bar that agitates dirt in carpets better. In the meantime, we sent it home with one of our researchers to get their first impressions.

The V6 Absolute also comes with a dedicated Hard Floor Cleaner head that has a few more tricks. The neck pivots 180 degrees to help clean awkward spaces, and like the Fluffy head it’s designed to tackle fine dust and larger debris better than before. A vacuum designed specifically for hard floors might have made a lot of sense in Asia, where they are far more common, but here in Britain a large proportion of the population is still emotionally attached to carpets and rugs. Whether a machine like the Fluffy will prove popular over here remains to be seen, although new research from the Freedonia Group does suggest the market for hard floors is on the rise. It certainly proved effective in a demonstration at Dyson’s London HQ, picking up sugar and rice quickly without scattering debris across the floor. It even coped with fine baking powder, which can give any vacuum, let alone a cordless cleaner, a hard time. We weren’t shown how it performs on carpet, as it has been designed purely for hard floors, although we’d be interested to see if it could be used on small rugs rather than forcing you to change the cleaning head to a more suitable design.


The Dyson V6 Fluffy is available now from Dyson and John Lewis for £399. It’s the mid-range option in Dyson’s new V6 range, which starts with the basic Dyson V6 at £299 and V6 Animal at £349.

A 73% increase in wood, ceramic, laminate and vinyl purchased for the home compared to 20 years ago will surely be good news for Dyson. However, at a price higher than most plug-in cleaners, we’ll keep a close eye on the Fluffy to see how well UK customers take to it.