rOcean One all-in-one smart water maker adds various flavors into the water

rOcean One all-in-one smart water maker adds various flavors into the water

If there’s some thing you have to be swearing off of in 2018, it’s those plastic water bottles. And now, there’s a new smart appliance company that wants that will help you do simply that. Meet rOcean, the company behind the sector’s first personalized, all-in-one “smart water ecosystem.” On February 21, the company is launching its flagship products, the rOcean One and rOcean Zero, both now looking for funding via Indiegogo. both structures are well suited with Google home and Amazon Alexa, this means that your eco-friendly alternative to bottled water is also one of your maximum convenient. You can’t see this kind of technology at major tech conferences that provides all-in-one smart water ecosystem.

rOcean One All-In-One Smart Water Maker Design

rOcean One is an advanced and versatile water purifier that measures 14-3/4″ high by 16-1/2″ long by 5″ depth. As we can see from the images, the smart water maker shows off a sleek, minimal n-shaped form factor, and using interchangeable magnetic faceplates, you can also customize it based on your preferences. Meanwhile, the compact profile allows it to seamlessly integrate with any kitchen.

rOcean One All-In-One Smart Water Maker

rOcean One All-In-One Smart Water Maker Features

rOcean One smart water maker comes equipped with a powerful and replaceable filter that’s able to remove more than 99% VOCs, lead, asbestos, cysts, mercury, chlorine, and 75 other contaminants. The filter has a 400 gallon capacity, so you only need to change it once a year, and its smart alert system lets you know when to change your filter.

Furthermore, the water purifier features patent-pending eco-friendly rPods so that you can add your favorite flavor into your water. Their recyclable refill packs can make up 50 liters of flavor enhanced water each, and the pod is reusable and dishwasher safe. The water maker also carbonates your water, and you can adjust the CO2 level to your preference.

As a smart water maker, the One also features built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that you can control it with your voice commands. Using its custom app, you can also track your water consumption and estimated cost savings. Moreover, every member of your family can create a profile that stores their custom preferences, and its AI-enhanced feature allows it to learn your preferences over time. Apart from these, it works with any water bottle, but their everyOcean bottle comes with an RFID sticker that can automatically sync to your preferred settings.

rOcean One All-In-One Smart Water Maker Price

The team behind rOcean is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $179 to preorder the smart water maker. It will be shipped in December 2018.