Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Used Technology

Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Used Technology

Being interested in technology is an expensive hobby. Companies spend a lot of money to make us aware of the latest and greatest available tech, making what we’re currently using seem obsolete in comparison. Most software designers want their product or services to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, though, so very little is exclusive to the highest-end device. Because of this, staying a year or two behind on hardware shouldn’t have a dramatic effect on your experience. Here’s how to get the best deals on used technology.

Tablets in Car

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones can be problematic to buy used because the average unit goes everywhere and almost inevitably picks up some bumps and bruises. Tablets, too, can get knocked around in the house or in someone’s backpack. If this isn’t something you mind, though, buying used can mean you’ll make some big savings. If you’re looking on eBay, focus on listings with pictures in good lighting so you can get a better idea of the real condition of the device. Look for auctions that come with a case too, as this shows the owner was interested in keeping the item in good condition. Many manufacturers release upgrades to their product lines on an annual basis. The best time to buy is just as the new units come out as everyone who has upgraded is selling their old models. This means the market is flooded with more units, lowering the prices.

Cars and other Vehicles

Cars might not seem like technology, but these days new vehicles are becoming smarter than ever. If you want the latest in technology such as the best connectivity with your smartphone, you’ll want to look at the most recent product lines. Buying new is costly, however, so you’ll want to look at what is being called the “nearly new” category. This refers to vehicles that are between one and two years old with minimal miles on the clock. These cars might have been leased by corporate companies for their employees or bought by the dealership themselves in order to achieve a certain company target. Either way, you can take advantage of big savings on a vehicle that’s hardly been driven. Popular listings sites like Exchange & Mart are the best place to find great deals on used vehicles.

Desktop and Laptop Computers

The best way to get good deals on computer parts is to buy them separately and assemble them yourself. This will require some knowledge with computers, but there are numerous guides online and forums out there that can help you with any problems you might have along the way.

If you’re buying a laptop computer, see if the manufacturer offers refurbished units. Many popular outlets, such as Apple and Lenovo, list refurbished units on their websites. The advantage to this is that some of these products might have hardly been used, having been a display unit in a store or returned because of a minor problem.

You don’t need the latest products to enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Be aware of how you use your own device and decide if you need the extra power boost before spending your money. Have you got any good deals on used electronics recently? Tell us about your best finds in the comments below.