Three Wooden Technology Ideas You Need to See

Three Wooden Technology Ideas You Need to See

While the technology industry is constantly moving forward, it can sometimes seem like there’s a lull in new design ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of brushed aluminium as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s nice to see something different. All of these products take existing ideas and put a unique spin on them by incorporating a wooden finish in the design.


We’ll start with the simplest concept, OOMS is a Dutch product company that has created a USB stick that’s made from–well, you probably guessed it. Designed to stand out from its typical office environment, each stick is collected from the woods and individually selected for its own natural beauty. Each one is professionally handmade and comes in either an 8GB (€29.50) or 16GB (€34.50) model. The company also offers personal engravings to make it even more unique.


Since 2002, Swedish company SWEDX has been creating products embedded in premium quality polished wood. They’re perhaps most known for their computer monitors and TV sets, which range from older CRT monitors to the latest in 4K technology. You might think this is a simple gimmick and that SWEDX are just like one of the numerous companies that gold plate smartphones, but it isn’t all about form over function. SWEDX are an established electronics company that also make high-quality products in finishes that – in the tech world at least – would be seen as more traditional as well.


Hacoa is a Japanese design firm that specialises in creating unique products inspired by their natural surroundings. They make a variety of accessories in areas you’d expect like smartphone cases, stationary, and kitchen utensils, but they aren’t afraid to look outside the box as seen from their wooden bowtie. However, it’s their beautiful wooden keyboard that really got our attention. It comes in both a walnut finish or a lighter coloured maple wood depending on your taste, and Hacoa says that the experience of typing will sound like the gentle voice of the forest. It’d be a nice change from typically stressful office work.

Have these products given you some inspiration for creating something yourself? If you don’t happen to be an experienced carpenter or have the necessary technology needed, don’t worry. Take a look at leading wood technology solutions company Biesse who’ll be able to provide you with just what you’re looking for.