These 12 Tech Tricks Will Turn Leads into Sales Every Time

These 12 Tech Tricks Will Turn Leads into Sales Every Time

We’re officially in the digital age. This means that practically everything we want to achieve can be done on a mobile, tablet or laptop. The same applies for business. You can drastically improve your profits by fully immersing yourself in this digital era. To prove our point, we’ve put together 12 tech tricks that will turn leads into sales. And more sales, means more profits.

Tech Tricks

1. An awe-inspiring website

Let’s kick off with the most obvious one. If you’ve got an excellent website, then you’re going to see a lot more in terms of leads and sales. You should put a lot of time and effort into your site. See it as the hub of your business activity. Previous clients will use it to get back in touch. Potential customers will use it to scope you out. And new leads can come from merely stumbling across your site.

2. Automation

Business owners are busy people. That means they need to find ways to cut corners, without cutting service. Automation of certain aspects can quickly turn those leads into sales, with very little effort. Setup automated newsletters via a service like MailChimp. Create automatic follow-ups with existing customers. The world is your oyster when it comes to automation.

3. Tablet Tills

If you have a workplace, then consider investing in some tablet tills. You can download specific software that acts as a payment gateway for your customers. Not only will this impress those who walk through the door, but it will cut costs down too. You can save a fortune just by switching to a tablet checkout service. Alternatively, try a DIY till system.

4. Social Media

If you’re not already utilising social media, then you could be missing out on a lot of potential leads and sales. Nearly everyone in this day and age uses some form of social networking to communicate. Be a part of the digital age and connect with your customers. People buy from people, so show you’re human.

5. Presentations

If you visit your clients in their offices or go to trade shows, this is one tech trick you simply can’t miss out on. A PowerPoint presentation can show off your business unlike anything else. It can have music, imagery, charts, text. It’s the whole package. You can use a company like Buffalo7 to put together something truly mind-blowing. If your clients didn’t seem interested when you walked in, they will after a decent presentation.

6. Blogging

Want to make a name for yourself as an expert in your niche? You need to get with the times and start blogging! There are a variety of different platforms you can use to spread the word about your expertise. WordPress is one of the most popular and is handy if you already have a WordPress website. Blog at least once a week and watch those sales figures rise. Just make sure you’re focusing on quality content. Nobody wants to read keyword heavy jibberish.

7. Productivity Apps

You should be utilising your phone or tablet at work, and not just to take calls. There is an app for practically everything nowadays! You can find a broad range of productivity apps that can help you organise your business and your life. How does this translate into sales? An organised business means you have more time to spend with your customers.

8. Task Management Software

Along the same lines as the productivity apps, this is an excellent way to get things done. There are plenty of task management software companies on the market, all with their unique benefits. You can engage with employees, organise your tasks, and even set goals. This then leaves you with more time to focus on sales. Take a look at something like Zoho to get an idea of what they’re like.

9. CRM Software

Sticking with the software theme. Do you have CRM software yet? If not, we’d recommend you invest. Managing your customer relationships is the key to generating more sales. You can improve your customer service and follow up on leads. Plus a whole host of other exciting things to help you market your business. This is a great idea if you have a couple of outsourced team members (see point 11)! SalesForce is an excellent example of CRM software done right.

10. Newsletters

If you don’t have an option for people to sign up to a newsletter, you’re missing out on a huge potential market. Sometimes, people just want to have a nose of your site. If they like it, they may be encouraged to sign up to a newsletter. By following up with regular email updates, they’ll be more inclined to buy. Think of a newsletter as your secret salesman. There are also plenty of ways to entice more people to sign up to your newsletter.