Technology Classes for Beginners

Technology Classes for Beginners

When you’re new to computers, the internet, or another piece of technology, you’ll probably want some help. The best way to get this is to take a technology class. Here are some of the most popular types of courses you can find that will help you get started.

Computer Skills

A general computer skills course will cover various topics from the basics of a computer, such as pulling up numerous websites, avoiding scams, and making online purchases. Industry expert Bart Fanelli recommends this type of class while you adjust to a new device.

Business Computer Skills

Business computer skills classes are designed to teach adult learners the technology tools they need to succeed in their career goals. These are a must if you are looking for a job in the government.

Microsoft Skills

Looking for a branded class when you are familiar with technology but need some help with the Microsoft tools would be best. These classes will teach you how to use all the tools in the Microsoft Office suite. The best part is that these are often available as self-paced video courses, so you can perform them on your schedule.

Google Skills

Similarly, Google offers branded classes that teach you how to use their programs. With it, you can learn how to use the Google suite, such as Docs, to do various tasks, like update your resume or create a business plan. These lessons are also generally available as a self-paced class so you can learn on your schedule.

Internet Navigation Skills

Classes can teach you how to use various internet browsers, including changing the settings, using other features, and navigating the web. If you have to take a course for work, you can generally find these classes in person with a certificate option. Otherwise, you’ll typically be able to find self-paced courses so you can learn as fast or slow as necessary.

Mouse Skills

Some courses show people how to install and use various mouses and cursors. These are great because you can get practice opportunities and find a mouse that works for you.

Video Skills

Some courses will teach you how to use your webcam or camera to create videos. These courses are great if you want to learn how to take videos, edit them, and make short movies.

Social Media Skills

Nowadays, social media platforms are used for various activities, including entertainment, shopping, travel, and dating. If you want to learn to go beyond the standard update post, consider taking a social media skills class.

Online Chatting Skills

Online chatbots can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, certain places offer courses to help you learn how to communicate with chatbots efficiently.

Typing Skills

For some jobs, you’ll need to have faster typing speeds. Fortunately, classes can teach you the basics of keyboards and typing. These are generally available in person and as a self-paced option.

You’ll need to learn to use technology for plenty of reasons. Fortunately, there is probably a class that fits your needs. Try out some of the ones on this list, determine what you need, and grow in your knowledge.