Make Your Transport A Lifestyle Statement

Make Your Transport A Lifestyle Statement

When looking to buy a new car or motorbike we often consider all manner of practical things. Mileage, safety and general handling all come into consideration, as well as budget and resale value. It’s often easy to forget that your mode of transport is a stylish part of your lifestyle that says as much about you as your choice of clothing or music.

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When you head off to a dealership or to check out a new car or bike, you should definitely consider the everyday practicality of your chosen transport. But there’s also plenty of room to choose something that will say something about you. You can certainly find something that will add to your overall enjoyment of travel that will still satisfy your requirements and needs. And even after you’ve made a purchase, there are many ways to add a bit of personal flair to your motor.

And who says it has to be all about the motors? There are loads of other modes of transport out there that are just as much of a lifestyle choice. No matter what you’re getting about on, there is always a way to adopt it as a representation of your lifestyle choices.

Here are a few of the best:

Car or Bike?

Choosing between a car and a bike is a huge statement in itself. Both modes of transport carry their own cultures, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Motorbikes in particular tend to be a hobby as well as a practical item, and it’s worth thinking about whether you’ll have the time and money to indulge in it.

Even within motorbike there are many subcultures. Sports bikes, cruisers and motocross all have their own distinct lifestyles and aesthetics. Consider visiting somewhere like There you can see a variety of bikes alongside a huge spectrum of cars. That way you’ll be able to see which is best for you.


As mentioned above, both bikes and cars have their own separate styles. Think about what you want your car or bike to say about you. Is colour an important consideration? Will it be a dealbreaker for you, or are you more fussed about the shape of your new car? Modern sports cars are great for the showman inside you, while older models can evoke that classic James Bond feel. Think long and hard before you buy though, as a lot of these motors will set you back a lot of cash. You have to be sure that it’s completely worth it.

Customisation and Modification

Once you’ve bought the car there are a load of customisations you can make. It can be something as simple as changing the colour, right through to engine modifications. These are perhaps the most effective way of putting your personal stamp onto any motor. Anyone can buy an impressive looking car out of a catalogue or from a website. But it takes someone with imagination and inventiveness to make their own vehicle truly representative of their personality.


It may sound counterintuitive, but practicality can have a huge bearing on your lifestyle. If you’re into mountain biking or skiing, you’ll want plenty of room to store your gear. If you enjoy camping, you may want a car that handles well off-road so you can get to those hard to reach beauty spots. You may also want to make sure that you’re going to have enough room to safely store your new prized item. Will it fit in your garage? Can you store it with enough security to give you peace of mind?

A car can represent your lifestyle in many ways, so it doesn’t have to be entirely about showing off.


It may seem a bit shallow, but often the cost of a mode of transport is a reflection of your lifestyle. We all know that rich playboys like to show off in their sports cars, even if they are gridlocked in city traffic. You might want to be a bit more modest than them when it comes to thinking through your new purchase, but obviously cost will have a huge effect on the final decision you make.

If you’re considering a motorbike that will be a hobby as well as a mode of transport, you can justify spending a lot more money on it than you otherwise might. The money you fork out in the showroom will probably be worth it when you manage to finally hit the racetrack.

Low Fi Lifestyle

With environmental concerns at the forefront of current affairs, using a bike or a low emission form of transport is just as much of a statement as any massive car or bike. Riding a bike to and from work can be a great way to get fit, and it will often develop into a hobby the more often you ride. With all of the money you save in transport costs you can splash out on more extensive and specialist equipment. Riding a bike is not only a way of representing your lifestyle, it is also a way of fundamentally altering it.

If you’re set on the idea of buying a car you should consider a hybrid, or a vehicle that is reknown for being a friend the the environment. The infrastructure and general viability for electric cars is also improving at the moment, so why not invest in this cutting edge technology?

Think About Sociability

There are loads of clubs and societies dedicated to enthusiasts of certain bikes and cars. When you buy certain makes or models, you immediately qualify for entry. This can be a fantastic way to convert your personal preference for a certain vehicle into a hobby. And sharing your interests is surely the best way of cultivating a lifestyle statement around your chosen vehicle. If you already have the car/bike, or if you’re looking into buying a certain kind then be sure to research the clubs in your area.