How A Smartphone Can Bring Your Old Car Into The 21st Century

How A Smartphone Can Bring Your Old Car Into The 21st Century

I love smartphones! I have an Apple iPhone, and if I’m honest with you, I would be quite lost without my iPhone today! Millions of people around the world own a smartphone of some description. These pocket-sized computers can perform an array of functions.

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They are also great for those times when you are feeling bored and you’re stuck somewhere on your own for a while. Angry Birds is one of my favorite iPhone games, in case you were wondering!

But did you know that they are also useful in the car too? They work great with today’s modern cars, and even more so with old clunkers! Are you confused about how they can work with old cars?

Let me help you out! In today’s blog post, I will show you some examples of how your trusty smartphone can work with any car. Regardless of make or year of manufacture!

Music streaming

Today’s smartphones can store and play music. They are useful for people that travel a lot, and perhaps use public transit services quite often.

But here’s the thing: they are just as useful in your car too! As long as you have a head unit (car stereo) that has Bluetooth, you can “pair” your smartphone to it!

When you pair your smartphone to your car’s head unit, you can stream music to it. That means you don’t have to carry lots of CDs around with you. Nor do you need to find somewhere to store them.

Your glove box is now free!

VoIP calls

VoIP stands for “voice over IP.” It’s a term used by geeks in the IT industry and refers to the use of the Internet to make and receive phone calls. If you own an iPhone, for example, the built-in Facetime app offers VoIP calling facilities, as well as video calling.

Brian from says many people use VoIP-enabled smartphones. They pair them to their Bluetooth head units for making and receiving calls. Of course, the only downside is that they can only work in areas with cell coverage.

But if you live in a major town or city, that shouldn’t be a problem for you!

Vehicle tracking

Are you suspicious of people? If so, you might get worried that someone will steal your car. If the worst were to happen, how would you know where it was?

The obvious answer is to pay for a GPS tracking system to get fitted to your car. But such systems can cost a fortune! But have you ever thought of using an old smartphone? You can buy kits to connect them to your car so that they have permanent power.

And 3G or 4G mobile connections will help you locate the exact area where your car is so that the police can recover it for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s handy guide on smartphones and cars. If you’d like to contribute to this blog post, feel free to post up in the comments section below!