7 Ways to Make Your Print Brochures More Effective

7 Ways to Make Your Print Brochures More Effective

Creating the best marketing brochure is never an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and professional input in order to successfully grab people’s attention. If you are about to announce a new product or service, brochures can be a great way to advertise. You simply need to learn the most effective methods available. Use these tips to help improve your print brochures.Print Brochures More Effective

  1. Don’t Include a Picture of Your Office Building

Growing companies, especially large corporations, love to show off their newest additions. While your building may be stunning, it likely has little to do with the product or service that you are trying to promote. Your potential customers want to be shown that what you are offering will meet their needs and make them happy, not that you have a nice building. You have limited space in a brochure, use it wisely.


  1. Work with a Quality Printing Company

When it comes to your professional brochure, you want to always put your best foot forward. Dean, business commentator atPrint-print.co.ukexplains that “the right print company helps you ensure that you have quality stock, vibrant colours and a perfect layout. They will be able to guide you on what works and what doesn’t, and consult with you through the finishing process.”

  1. Use Headlines and Images People Care About

People want to be shown that a product or service is relevant to them. Most of the people who see your brochure will only look at the cover. If your brochure does not look enticing, they won’t read it. Use headlines and graphics that your target audience can relate to. This piece explains a bit about why headlines are so important.

  1. Use Bullet Points, Not Sentences

One mistake that many people make when they create brochures is that they try to fit as much information as possible onto the brochure. They want to use proper English so that their brochure has a professional feel to it. This can be a burden for companies that have a lot of benefits they need to discuss. Create a bulleted list with short, easy to read items to save space.

  1. Reassure Your Customer

People don’t always trust brands that they are not familiar with. This can be problematic if you are using your brochures as a key marketing technique. Take the concern away by reassuring your reader that they can trust you. Include supporting evidence to any claims you are making or include a short bio that explains your brand’s level of industry experience.

  1. Emphasize the Benefits

Use headlines to your advantage, emphasizing all the benefits your reader will have from your product or service. Some of your readers may only have a chance to glance at your brochure. If this is the case, your headlines still give you an opportunity to make an impression and get a sale.

  1. Include a Call to Action

Most brochures forget to give people a reason to act right away. If you don’t give them a reason to buy now, they will put it off and you will lose the sale. You need to do something catchy in order to prompt them into contacting you. Offers for free gifts, for example, can be a very effective measure.