Segway has unveiled Drift W1, a pair of innovative electric skates with the lightweight design

Segway has unveiled Drift W1, a pair of innovative electric skates with the lightweight design

If you notion Heelys (those wheeled shoes that every preteen in the america used to careen about in) were peculiar, you can want to sit down. Segway is here to show that on the subject of peculiar strategies of transportation, it’s the top dog. Meet the brand new Segway Drift W1s. They’re self-balancing roller footwear, and can be compared to a hoverboard that simply lives in your foot. Properly, I suppose it might technically be halves of a hoverboard dwelling on every foot.

Segway Drift W1 Electric Skates Design

The Segway Drift W1 is a couple of unique and advanced electric powered skates. each skate measures 12.5 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches and weighs approx 7.7 lbs. As we can see from the pictures, every e-skate unit functions a compact and lightweight design, and elastic bands on the rear stop permit you to effortlessly keep on both skates in a single hand for easy sporting. In the meantime, the body of Drift W1 is made of magnesium alloy for a difficult and lightweight production, and the flame retardant shell supplies a streamlined and ergonomic layout. The anti-skidding foot pedal facilitates cozy to rider’s foot at the skate.


Segway Drift W1 Electric Skates Features

Segway Drift W1 comes ready with a powerful 220-watt hub motor and a lithium-ion battery in each e-skate unit with a view to supply a maximum pace of 7.5mph and 45-minute driving time with a payload of one hundred sixty five lbs. Furthermore, a torque of decrease than 6 Nm is designed to optimize the steerage and driving enjoy, and the stable rubber tires offer improved riding stability and guidance capabilities. similarly, Drift W1 comes with a 10mm anti-collision silicone bumper at both ends of each skate to absorb effect and limit harm from collisions.

Segway Drift W1 Electric Skates Price

The team behind Drift W1 is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $369 to preorder the electric skates. The Drift W1 will be shipped in next month.