LG Electronic Revealed A Enjoyable And Advanced LG UX 5.0

Posted on Apr 10 2016 - 9:04am by Patrick Henry

LG Electronic Recently Launched a New Version Of Its Mobile User Interface. Based On Android Marshmallow, The New “LG UX 5.0”. LG Has Built a Device That’s Not Just Another Android Phone. Instead, It Offers Some Unique Hardware Features That We’ve Never Seen Before On a Widely Available Flagship Handset. LG UX 5.0 New Flagship Phone Is One Of The Most Innovative Smartphones The World As Seen In a Long Time

LG UX 5.0

The New LG Mobile Display 5.30-Inch, With 2.1GHz Processor And Along With 8 Megapixel Selfie Camera, 16 Megapixel Rear Camera, 1440× 2560 pixels Resolution. Its Longer Battery Capacity Is 2800 mAh. The LG UX 5.0 Features Includes 32GB Storage, 4GB Ram And 6.0 Android Operating System. Its New All-Metal Build, And Its Solid Performance Make It Amazing. LG Says That Its UX 5.0 Provides “A More Playful And Innovative Mobile Experience”. It’s Based On Android Marshmallow, But It Adds a Bunch Of New Functions.

One Of The Key Features The LG UX 5.0 Brings Along Is The Combination Of Home Screen And The App Drawer, Something Which LG’s Calling New Home. There Are Also Other Features Like Upgraded “LG Health App” That Taking Into Account Factors Such As Walking Speed When Tracking Your Daily Movements, “Always On App” Which Showed You Notifications For Sammy’s Own Apps, “Smart Doctor App”, “World Clock App”, “File Manager App”, “Quick Help App” To Find Answers To Any Questions About The LG UX 5.0, “LG Backup App”, and Diverse Security Method For Fingerprint Recognition. LG Has Also Uploaded a YouTube Video Showcasing LG UX 5.0.