Fender Released A Range Of Headphones That Double As In-Ear Monitors

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 9:29pm by Collin Peterson

Fender wants to make sure you can hear those instruments as well as you play them. They’re jumping into personal audio with both feet, introducing five in-ear headphones at a variety of prices. They sound vibrant and clear, even at the loud volumes, and run from $99 for the DXA1 to $499 for the audiophile-worthy FXA7. Instead of just being earbuds, the hand-assembled housings is fill up the concha of your ears to block external noise and fit the powerful balanced armature and dynamic drivers the different models use.



Fender’s in-ear headphones are putting a premium on custom-made parts, including both the audio components and housings. All but the cheapest model have custom drivers and 3D-printed housings that look like they will conform nicely to most ears. On the higher end of the range, Fender is including a hybrid-dynamic tuned balanced armature array, that should hopefully make for balanced but clear audio. These are meant to be in-ear monitors, after all, so the expectations are going to be high — the most expensive models in the line should be audiophile-worthy.

The non-slip thermo plastic elastomer bud tips and the over-ear hooks keep them in place, and it has detachable cables that can be replaced if it necessary. The sound they produce is balanced, not overly bass-heavy, so musicians and fans get an authentic impression of the music.

The Fenders were designed to fit 90 percent of people’s ear shapes. Still, a $200 pair of the other in-ear monitors plus a $200 etymotic fitting, where they take a custom mold of your ears, might give musicians better isolation from crowd noise.