Wireless World

Posted on Sep 29 2016 - 3:45am by admin

Wireless this, wireless that. It seems the whole world is going wireless. Even Apple’s latest iPhone 7 is sans jack and uses a lightning cable port for sound output to wireless headphones. Panasonic have a range of next generation wireless speakers for the ultimate in home entertainment. From the powerful (and stylish) ALL9 multi room speaker which allows you to play music from almost any source, to the ALL-7CD (the hint is in the name as it lets you magically stream music from your beloved CV collection) to a range of Panasonic Bluetooth Speakers for stunning high resolution surround sound delivered to your bedroom, bathroom and beyond.

panasonic-multi-room-speakersThe speakers in the range are all part of Panasonic’s All Series, a high quality system of easily networked speakers which finally sets your music free. Listen to what you want, when you want, where you want. The ALL Series’ combination of speakers, home cinema systems and complete Hi-Fi systems can be networked together for effortless wireless music sharing, and can play music in outstanding quality from a huge variety of sources, from CDs through to Internet Radio stations and your favorite video sharing services.

At long last your music can become the soundtrack to your life rather than just a single room.