Posted on Jun 7 2018 - 5:26pm by Collin Peterson

Last month we attend an events in phoenix az and now we come up with a new Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush. Using innovative light therapy technology, Bristl effectively kills bacteria, heals gums and whitens teeth. Featuring patent-pending dual light technology, the electric tooth comes with three light modes. The blue light kills oral bacteria and whitens teeth over time while the red light allows collagen secretion for anti-inflammation and regeneration. It also helps to prevent and treat gingivitis. The red and blue light emit simultaneously to produce a purple light that kills germs, fights cavities and strengthens gum tissues. The Bristl has a built-in two-minute timer, so you know when to stop brushing. Additionally, the rechargeable battery lasts up to three weeks if you brush your teeth three times a day.

Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush Design

The Bristl is an innovative and practical electric toothbrush that measures 291.5 x 26.2 x 36.5mm. As we can see from the images, the toothbrush delivers an elegant minimalistic appearance design, and its streamlined, ergonomic silhouette lets you comfortably hold it in your hand for brushing teeth.

Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush

Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush Features

In addition to sonic vibration with two modes including gentle mode with 12000rpm and strong mode with 24000rpm, the electric toothbrush also features three light therapy modes. The blue light mode kills oral bacteria and bacteria that causes gum disease, and the red wavelength light mode enables collagen secretion for regeneration of gum tissue, anti-inflammation and prevents and treats gingivitis, while the purple light mode kills germs, strengthens gum tissues, written teeth and fights cavities.

Moreover, using built-in timer, the electric toothbrush automatically turns off after two minutes of brushing, and microfiber bristles tackle plaque in hard-to-reach places between teeth and gums for more effective brushing. Its rechargeable battery offers three weeks of use when brushed three times a day.

Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush Price

The team behind Bristl is raising fund on Kickstarter for the product. We can pledge $79 to preorder the light therapy electric toothbrush. It will be shipped in June 2018.