4 Ways Vaporizers are Modified

Posted on Nov 5 2015 - 7:34am by admin

Smokers are a loyal breed. Ask any one of them what brand of cigarettes are the best, and you are likely to get some strong responses. Those that make the switch to vaping are just as dedicated to their personal preferences. It’s no wonder that so many of them spend so much time modifying and personalizing their vaporizers. In the search for the best quality vaping experience, consider the following popular vape mods.

4 Ways Vaporizers are Modified

4 Ways Vaporizers are Modified



This is one of the most popular modifications. To increase the power output of your atomizer, you need to have a larger battery. In the early days of vaping, it was common to modify the weak batteries as soon as possible. Many vaporizers now come with 3.2 volt batteries, but some users still upgrade them to 3.7 volts or higher. Users also exchange their batteries for those with longer life spans. Holding a charge longer make the vaporizer last throughout the day and gives you more power to draw from when you need it.

Battery case

A larger battery takes up more space in your device. New cases usually need to be custom made. Some users simply duct tape everything together, but this ruins the look and feel of the device. More elaborate cases can take on just about any form and creative enthusiasts have mange to incorporate just about any suitable container imaginable. While some try to mimic the original design as much as possible, others value customization more.

The Atomizer

Changing out the heating element is a chore that you will have to perform from time to time, but you can take advantage of this to add features you may like. Some prefer to have vapor that is dense and full bodied while others like thin wispy trails. The different juices you use will have an effect on this, but your atomizer will also determine the volumetric efficiency and the speed at which your juice will convert from its liquid form. A larger quantity of vapor with heavy droplets makes it feel much fuller. A hotter coil that boils off the juice more completely will give you a thinner mix.


Even if you are happy with the way your vaporizer is working, you may still want to personalize it. Manufacturers already offer plenty of styles and looks, but something that is truly unique will express you own individuality, and adding little personalized touches goes beyond just writing your name on it. Some methods of personalization include painting, engravings, or slight cosmetic modifications to the housing.