RapidX X5 USB Car Charger transforms your ordinary car charger into a life-saving product

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 1:11pm by Collin Peterson

Top up your devices even as you’re on the road with the RapidX X5 Car Phone Charger. This tool uses the 12v-24v outlet or cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. In addition to easily plugging in, the RapidX X5 gives a large number of charging alternatives. In fact, it simply takes your charging up a notch (or five). Both the charger and the tether feature multiple USB ports. In fact, there are a total of 5 ports so that you can simultaneously, and properly, recharge the whole lot you need. because it’s a normal USB port, the RapidX X5 is well suited together with your smartphone, tablet, GPS, digital camera, and so much more. The tethered USB ports additionally characteristic a clip so that you can connect it to a on hand place inside the automobile for anybody to get entry to. With this series, you’ll constantly attain your vacation spot charged and geared up to go.

RapidX X5 USB Car Charger

RapidX X5 USB Car Charger Design

The X5 is a convenient and powerful USB car charger that features a flexible USB hub extension. As proven inside the images, the USB charger sports a light-weight and compact shape thing, and eight optional hues ensure it suits specific personal preferences.

RapidX X5 USB Car Charger Features

The X5 USB car charger comes prepared with 2.4A USB ports, and three 2.0A USB ports are arranged inside the USB hub extension. Furthermore, using intelligent tool detection, the USB charger gives you the quickest viable price for each connected device. And the custom clip with 5ft cable allows you to vicinity the prolonged USB hub onto your automobile seat pocket, which charge more devices and prevent your cables from getting tangled

RapidX X5 USB Car Charger Price

The X5 USB car charger is priced at $23.48 USD. If you are interested in this new car charger, then jump to Amazon for its more details